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YouTube-ClimateGate Prof. Watson calls Morano an 'assh*le'
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Author:  JPMTURF [ December 6th, 2009, 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  YouTube-ClimateGate Prof. Watson calls Morano an 'assh*le'

BBC climategate debate grows heated
December 6, 2:03 PM
Columbia Independent Examiner
Darren Pope
During a live television debate hosted by the BBC, Marc Morano, former Communications Director of the U.S. Senate Environment Committee and now an editor with the Web site Climate Depot, squared off against Professor Andrew Watson of the University of East Anglia in eastern England.

Morano is an outspoken skeptic of Anthropogenic Global Warming, while Watson is one of the CRU researchers promoting the idea that the Earth is warming at an alarming rate, and that it is being caused by man.

The debate grew heated quickly and Watson was visibly annoyed by Morano's interruptions. By the end of the debate when the anchor thanked the participants, Watson chose a somewhat colorful description of Morano.

"What an assh*le," Watson said.

With the UN climate conference set to begin in Copenhagen on Monday, the debate over global warming has reached a boiling point. While skeptics are demanding answers to questions raised by the CRU e-mails at the center of climategate, the mainstream media in the US seems to be ignoring the scandal.

President Obama is still set to attend the UN conference, and word has it that he will promise a huge reduction in US emissions. Many people are questioning his refusal to even comment ofn the CRU e-mails and also why he won't at least consider the possibility that further research is needed before the US makes any long-term commitments based on the CRU research.

Below are two youtube clips of the debate between Morano and Watson. I believe you will find them interesting.

Click here to find out more ... ows-heated

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