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 Post subject: Andrew Weaver, IPCC Computer Modeler and Political Chameleon
PostPosted: January 29th, 2010, 10:14 pm 
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He�s changing colours again, but sunlight will expose his camouflage
Andrew Weaver, IPCC Computer Modeler and Political Chameleon
By Dr. Tim Ball Friday, January 29, 2010
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Andrew Weaver, professor at the University of Victoria Canada, is now deserting the sinking Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ship. This comes after being among the most duplicitous and disingenuous members of the IPCC as Lead author and participant in the chapter on computer models. He tells us �its approach to science should be overhauled.� He claims, �the (IPCC) process has taken on a life of its own� and become �tainted by advocacy.�

Few defended the approach more vigorously and personally than Weaver. He built up his role in the IPCC and pushed his receipt of the Nobel Prize to further his political agenda in Canada and the Province of British Columbia, Canada. He was instrumental in making the Province the first North American jurisdiction with a carbon tax. An achievement many of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and IPCC people must envy, but one other countries must avoid.
Involvement in Politics

He used his position to inveigle himself into Premier Campbell�s government policies on Climate Change and became a member and prominent spokesperson for the Climate Action Team (CAT).

An inexplicable member of the Team was Dr David Keith who lives in Alberta, but is a rabid devotee of the IPCC and the alarmist views on climate change. His views are easily explained. His research requires considerable funding and involves sequestering that nasty polluting CO2. He was probably included on Weaver�s recommendation.

The entire BC government policy including the Carbon Tax is based on the IPCC Reports and is set out in the Climate Action Plan.

It underscores how pervasive in the economy these actions become. Weaver is quoted in the document, �What [the B.C. government has] done here is they recognize this is the right thing to do, it�s the only thing to do to address this problem and we�re not going to wait for the feds or someone to do it. We�re going to show leadership in North America and you watch, it�s going to start to have a ripple down effect and others are going to start to join up as the years go by.� The problem is there is no problem. It only exists because of the machinations exposed in the leaked emails of the CRU and their control of the IPCC and Weaver�s computer models.

At the time Finance Minister Carol Taylor said, �We have to find a way that we can work towards improving our environment, but at the same time do it in a way that keeps our economy strong,� �as she presented a budget that, aside from the carbon tax, commits $1 billion over four years to fight climate change.

Now the Province is in financial and energy difficulties. It�s the fate of all who listen accept and adopt the IPCC falsehoods.

Premier Campbell has culpability because he heard me present the other side on two occasions, the first when he was in opposition, the second when he was Premier. First was at the BC Municipality meeting in Revelstoke then a year later at their meeting in Salmon Arm. He spoke with me after both events and invited me to meet with Murray Cole his (shadow) environment minister. It didn�t occur as I told him at the second event. He was angry and said it will happen. He arranged the meeting in his office and said he couldn�t stay but wanted to assure it occurred. Nothing happened.

Subsequently they made a political decision, when they saw an opportunity to appear green and make a tax grab. Weaver provided the �scientific� justification using the IPCC Reports, which are cited extensively in the Provincial Climate Action Plan.

IPCC Chairman Pachauri now acknowledges misinformation about Himalayan glaciers was included to influence the politicians. John Christy provides evidence of similar discussions among IPCC members.

This is no surprise. It was the hidden purpose of the IPCC from the start.
The Magical Mystical Manipulated Models

For thirty years I�ve watched and protested as climate science was hijacked and perverted for political purposes. Disclosure of the participants their methods and objectives are gradually being exposed because of the leaked e-mails. There is a great deal more to come on deliberate falsification of records, manipulation of data, and control of the flow of information. But the most significant is yet to explode and involves Weaver among others and the computer models.

Computer codes were also released with the e-mails. Undoubtedly this occurred because the person who disclosed the extent and degree of malfeasance knew their significance. The real rot began in climate when the computer modelers moved into the discipline. I watched as at meeting after meeting they became the keynote speakers and dominated the agenda and other participants. Weaver was in the forefront as well as Wigley, Mann, Schneider, Schlesinger and Boer. Of course, they all ignored the lack of data or inadequate understanding of mechanisms as the basis being blinded by their political agendas. Weaver ran for the NDP (****) in a School Board election in Victoria.

Computer models are still a waste of time in climate studies and in particular forecasting of future weather and climate. However, they provide the mystique and apparent public unassailability because they don�t understand them. As Pierre Gallois explained, �If you put tomfoolery into a computer, nothing comes out of it but tomfoolery. But this tomfoolery, having passed through a very expensive machine, is somehow ennobled and no-one dares criticize it.� I use an effective challenge, which resonated with the public. When talking with farmers I would urge them to phone Environment Canada and ask for the forecast for the following summer knowing the reply would be we don�t do long term forecasts. I then suggest they phone the next day and ask what it was going to be like in 50 years knowing the answer would be warmer. The IPCC tried to partly cover this by saying they were scenarios not forecasts. RealClimate the bullyboy protectors of CRU then claimed short-term forecasts were for weather but long term were for climate. This seemed to work but I knew it was nonsense because the climate is the average of the weather and therefore completely dependent upon the data and understanding of the mechanisms of weather.
They Have to Go

CRU and others, including Weaver, were Lead Authors of significant chapters in IPCC Reports most importantly the Summary for Policymakers. They controlled the entire process, cooked temperature data, peer-reviewed each others work, had editors fired who published material they didn�t like, withheld articles and included a multitude of non-peer reviewed articles. Computer models were programmed to achieve desired results and that was Weaver�s involvement. As scientist and lawyer John Costella wrote, �The emails clearly evidence a course of conduct entered into by a cosy little coterie of climate scientists that could only � even in the most generous of terms � be described as scandalous, and almost certainly criminal.

Weaver was involved with IPCC from the start and attacked anyone who raised questions. I was invited to his office in the late 1990s after writing a letter to the Times Colonist. He realized someone was in town who knew about climate. His opening comment after noticing my backpack was, �Hope you don�t have a microphone in that thing.� Within a few minutes I knew from 28 years of teaching and publishing that he knew very little about climate. He presented himself as a climatologist but was a computer modeler, but that is in line with his chameleon political science career. He�s changing colours again, but sunlight will expose his camouflage.

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